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At American Inspection & Detection we use the latest equipment possible to provide the best results fast.   Our technicians use what is called a continuous monitoring machine that along with the report you provides a graph that shows you hour by hour radon levels.  These tests are performed for a minimum of 48 continuous hours and in most cases results are delivered the next business day.  To get an accurate reading we ask that all doors and windows be kept shut 12 hours prior to us arriving and remain shut throughout the duration of the test.  Normal entry and exit are not a problem and do not need to shut the heat or A/C down during the test.

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Established in 2016 as a means to bring awareness of Radon gas to the public.  Radon gas and its bi-products are the #2 cause of Lung cancer in the US following smoking.  At American Inspection and Detection we use the latest techniques and devices providing a continuous monitoring method to determine the Radon levels within your home.  Our quick turnaround delivers results within 1 business day of test completion.  We provide you with not just the results but a Radon average, hourly chart and breakdown of Radon, humidity and temperature at the time frame the test was performed.  We are certified with the AARST-NRPP and committed to bring the awareness of this silent killer to the public.

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